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Exposure X Bundle is a photo editor and organizer that integrates all AlienSkin†™ s award-winning photo editing applications into a single product. The center of the bundle is Exposure X. It streamlines the workflow and a rich set of creative tools. Two more applications are expanding creativity. Blow Up 3 employs state-of-the-art technology that allows you to enlarge the photo to large-sized prints and change the size. Snap Art 4 turns the photo into a gorgeous handmade picture. Instant Access Start working from the moment you connect the camera to the computer. Exposure deals with uploading images. As catalogs are unnecessary, you will be able to edit immediately as photos are added. Intuitive administrative exposure uses the same familiar folder structure as your computer, so you†™ feel like you are at home when managing your photo library. You†™ ll uses that catalog-free workflow that†™ s fast and reliably and uses disk space efficiently. Exposure saves the edited content with the image. So you can easily back up photos and edits at the same time, move or rename images without losing your edits, upload them to cloud storage. You can also edit with multiple computers, cooperate with other photographers and retouchers. Effective sorting You†™ ve has all the tagging and evaluation tools needed to efficiently organize photos such as stars, flags, color labels. No matter how big your photo library is, you can quickly find any image using Exposure†™ 's extensive sorting and searching tool. Do you want to search all the images taken with a specific lens on a particular day with a specific f - stop? Has completed. Seamless transition exposure displays everything you need in one user interface. Migrate seamlessly between organizing, editing, and exporting. Exposure also features advanced creative effects and portrait retouching capabilities. Accurate processing exposures are advanced rendering engines made to handle the toughest task of accurate film emulation. By thorough investigation of analog films, Exposure can simulate various symbolic film looks with unmatched precision, up to the subtleness of individual film grains. The choice of crisp preset Exposure†™ s will go even further across the history of the photograph and will provide a new creative style. Customizable effect Exposure†™'s vast creative preset library provides an array of appearances you can choose from. You can customize each and save it as your own look. Basic adjustments such as color tone, sharpness, and exposure are performed. Please go to many advanced creative effects of Exposure†™. Use vignette and prize-winning bokechool to subtle attention to the subject - Express the image with authentic film grain - Perfect your portrait with spot healing and brushing tools - Stack layers and blend For an infinite variety of appearances - add an adjustable overlay like borderline, texture, and light leakage. Infinite creativity exposures are creative editing zones - where your photos become art - exposure is fast enough, but It†™ s is not just about speed. It also has the benefits of streamlined workflows, an intuitive interface, and all the creative tools you need to create beautiful images.

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